Reusable Crystal Condom Washable Silicone Crystal Condom


Crystal condoms are the top selling condoms in the world, and they are made of silicone and have extra dots on them. Moreover, these condoms can be washed and reused.



  • The effective growth rate is between two and three centimetres, and the simulation patterns are smooth as silk.
  • Can efficiently excite the sensitive regions of women, so allowing women to experience more pleasure and contributing to the overall happiness of the partnership.
  • The largest amount of friction is produced by it on the female wall and cervix, which is why women climax when they have it.
  • Reusable and able to be cleaned Condoms for men can be used multiple times with dots to enhance the experience each time.
  • Just wrap up the condom like you would a conventional condom and then unroll it.
  • Lube is another option for enhancing the comfort of wearing this condom (included)
  • The outer convex spines are soft and stimulate the female, which results in a strong stimulus that causes the female to continually orgasm and experience pleasure rolling.
  • Will provide an incredible amount of joy to women
  • Crystal condom is composed of silicone, and it features extra dots, making it a condom that can be washed and used multiple times.


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